Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tomorrow, India!

Last day of  being cold, is all I have to say!

Yesterday when Viiu when to her concert in the evening I took a bus to find this funky hippy joint in Camden town called InSpiral Lounge.

It was finally a place that felt more like home to me:  girls in dread-locks and tattooed funky-folk, vegan and raw foods menu, dim lighting and a DJ in the corner weaving ambient tunes - plus a wall of windows that overlooked the water of the Camden lock.  The food was good, the raw cheesecake excellent (rivals Theresa's, even) but I left before the poetry reading started. I did meet the poet, since he was sitting beside me and his agent and I started chatting.  She asked me where I live in 'Canadia'.  He turned out to be a nice guy, and also turned out to be John Sinclair.  I still didn't want to hang around that long, though. 
This is what it looked like last night, though:

So, tomorrow at the crack of dawn Viiu and I take a cab to Heathrow, and I get on a plane to India.  Man.
It has been a long time coming, eh?
Well, I am not sure when I am going to get a chance to use the internet when I get there.  I arrive at 1am local time, hang around in the airport until dawn, then take a cab to the bus station where I wait for a bus to take me to Tiruvanamalai.  I will be there, staying at the ashram of Ramana Maharshi for a week, and I have no idea what will be available to me at that time.  If I can find an internet connection at some point, you will know!
Otherwise, wish me luck.  I will send my blessings and warmth back home, and I can't wait to report on my time.  Probably I will keep notes and plunk them all down in one blog post when I can.

 By the way, the earlier reference to Primrose Hill comes from this music from my youth.

While I'm at it, I can't help but post a link to another blur song, London Loves.  It is cheesy, and the video is just images,  but I just have to listen to this pop stuff while in the city.  Possibly I will never listen to it ever again, or anywhere else.  But there you go.

OK!  Lots of love to everyone.  Talk again from India!
from Oxford - forgot to post this.  I didn't go in, but it was tempting to ask where they sat
The view from Viiu's study - my bedroom for my time in London.

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  1. A divergence here. I would have spent as much time as I could speaking with John Sinclair. Whew. First-hand accounts of amazing social times.

    Bon voyage!!