Thursday, January 20, 2011

Giddy London

Sitting in a library across from Trafalgar square... I had an exhausting day yesterday, arriving in London before 7am local time, while my body still figured it was 2am.  Long day!  But it was wonderful to be greeted by my dear aunt, who lead me back to her flat in West Hampstead.  We had a relaxing day doing some grocery shopping and finding nearby restaurants that might serve food we can agree on.  You see, my idea of food is salad or a stir fry - something fresh.  However, her idea of food is coffee.  A little different.

Here is a pic of her street.

This is going to be harder than I thought!  Posting that picture took a dreadful amount of time - and finding free internet in London is not easy - everyone wants to charge you for it.

Well, I am going across the street to the portrait museum.  I have to meet Viiu for lunch, and I will have to tube it back to her place.

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