Friday, January 28, 2011

The Great BM (a reference to Ben) and Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios

I woke up this morning feeling decidedly healthy, and I think for the first time here in London, today I really feel alive and present as my real-life self.  I am over that pesky cold, have not been overwhelmed by travel, tubes, thick grey air or lack of heat, and I actually want to get out a see the exhibition. To start, though, we figured we would go down the street to Abbey Road to take that classic picture.  It is only a few minutes down the road from Viiu’s house – one could walk there (but we took a 5 min bus).
Rob at Abbey Road.  Not quite the same, is it?

OK. Done that.  Then on to the British Museum.

I don’t know how to describe my reaction to this place without expletives.  Just the building is remarkable.  I paid admission, £6 to see the special exhibit on the Egyptian Book of the Dead and it was stunning.  \I took my time, and sat thoughtfully with some of the pieces of scroll.  I enjoyed just imagining the scribe – some guy like me – inking these patterns that are now actually thousands of years old.  I loved the reminder of Egyptian beliefs, and it was quite synchronous for me, since I have been reading Drunvalo’s book on the subject the last few days.  Thus, I was really struck by images of Thoth.  I am glad that the museum did not treat the religious beliefs as trite.  For the most part, they remain the most advanced ideas of spirituality that have ever graced this present age of Earth, from which only trickles now remain.  It is a shame that the symbolism of the ancient thoughts are seen so literally by many academics and lay persons,  but it can be not other way, of course.  Ruth, you would have been floored by the images of the ka rising aside the body during death ceremonies – really cool!

From there, to cover the rest of the museum.  I thought that 2 hours would be plenty of time for a guy like me, right?  Since I got overwhelmed and uninterested by other museums?  Totally, totally wrong.  This place was energizing – I could have spent the whole day there.  Mind you, feeling healthy is perhaps a good part of that, but this place is incredible.  I was walking along, and saw a group of people taking pictures of something so I figured I’d check it out.  It was the Rosetta Stone!  Holy Shit!  I mean, I can’t leave out the expletives here.  No body told me the effing Rosetta Stone was there!  I think I swore out loud and probably offended somebody.   But it was cool.  Also, it was big – really quite big.  I had no idea.  

 The other ‘Holy Shit’ moment was when I saw this:

I know eh?  In person!  I pretty much stuck my nose to the glass and stared into this for a good while.  Diana, I so, so much wish you could have been there with me!  I sent my experience to you, though, ok?  

OK – here are some pictures of other stuff.  What can I say, the place is arguable the finest museum in the world.  I was late getting back to meet with Viiu this time….
London:  best place to see a Canadian Treasure - a Haida Totem Pole
Gawdy Relic-holder, holding what is supposed to be a thorn from Jesus' crown
Tea Ceremony Room built within the Museum


  1. Abbey road, the Rosetta stone and the Great Wave, crazy awesome chocolate stores... Well Rob, I am officially jealous. Safe trip to India.

  2. Oooh, Japanese wood prints float my boat too! I'm going to show Ezra these pics when he wakes up. He just learned the word sarcophagus not too long ago!

    Safe journey. Anxious to read the first post from India! Warmly, S. xx

  3. I am getting a contact high and a contact education. Wow.