Thursday, January 27, 2011

How many hours to India now?

I have to admit:  I am kind of sick of London.  Well, I guess I should re-phrase that.  I am literally sick, and I have had just about enough of London.  It is interesting and all, but the environment is really getting to me.  I have a cold, I just spent the last 5 hours effing around with Mastercard and the utterly laughable online booking systems for India rails, running from the library for the internet, back to Viiu's for the phone, the back and forth another few times, as I desperately try to book trains in India. 
Yes!  I did try to do this before I left.
Plus, the underground actually sucks the life out of a person, I'm pretty sure.  How you do you all do it?  I dunno. 

Please click on this LINK and you will probably see what I am talking about.  

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