Wednesday, January 26, 2011

12th Night the Second (Shakespeare Day)

For Diana: The Beatles store!

Viiu says that the secret is not to have friends in high places, but in low ones.  Her darling friend Nicolas works for the National Theatre, and by some small miracle was able to get us two seats to last night's sold-out performance of 12th Night at the Cottesloe. 

I guess the medical emergency that prevented the previous night's performance was solved, because the full, original cast was present.  So, Viiu and I got to go, and had a great time.  Rebecca Hall as Viola was definitely the highlight of this production, and Simon Callow (who I had known from Stratford) was a disappointing Toby Belch.
Earlier in the day I had a hot chocolate at this boulangerie on West End Lane that tasted like a cup-full of melted Mozart chocolates.  It was amazing. We went to the Globe Theatre and took a tour, crossed the Millenium bridge to St.Paul's Cathedral (where I caught the end of a service and sat in brief touch of silence), then lunch at Mildred's (vegetarian).  Another exhausting day!

For the staff at Full Circle - just to let you know I am not starving...


  1. Hey Rob! I can't decide what is more exciting right now, reading this great book "Moby Dick" or this blog! Wow you are livin it large. NICE. I really hope to see the Globe Theatre some day! Give my regards to Big Ben.. Funny thing- in Japanese one meaning of the word "ben" is poo. So there is a joke about a famous tourist sight in London called "The Big Poo".. hahahaha. Have fun Dude. ONWARDS!
    Poo Lee.

  2. Missed an important call from Rob tonight - he left a message that he wants everyone to know he got to India.

    A dream come true Robinder!!

  3. I love it--carrot BATONS. Hilarious.