Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Varanasi/ Banares

Note:  Somehow this post is out of chronological order - it obviously should appear after the post titled 'Varanasi Cont'd' but I have no idea at this point how to change it.

One of the big attractions in Varanasi is the huge puja that occurs every single night at the main ghat.  It is an ancient ritual, but no one seems to agree how long it has been performed there.  Young Brahmin boys in shiny suits do the choreographed movements and prayers in synch like clockwork, and every tourist in the area shows up for the show.  It was slightly interesting, but too showy and loud for me - I left early.

I  am leaving Varanasi in a  few short minutes - all packed up and ready.  It has been a fascinating city and has taught me the difference between old and ancient.  Walking in some of these places is, I suppose, similar to only a few other historic sites in the world like Egypt.  It is amazing, but also a bit surreal and often jarring to the senses.
Parce-que je suis avec Hugo, je veins de parler beaucoup de francais depuis ces dernier quelques jours, et cet hotel est remplis des autres francophones.  C'est un peu bizarre, mais bien bon. Je parle en francais et il me repond en anglais.  Je parle et pense dans un melange maintenant. 
We are, accidentally, taking the same train (overnight, 12hours) to Delhi tonight, so we are going to catch dinner on our way to a shared rickshaw to the station.  I hope to update on the last couple days while I am relaxing at the Gobind Sadan ashram in south Delhi tomorrow afternoon.  Internet in the ancient city has not been easy or good.

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