Monday, February 14, 2011

Um... another day in Pondy.

Pretty boring stuff lately.  Mostly sitting around reading, and then scurrying back and forth around town on my bike trying to make travel plans, eat, etc.  I did find a health food store today, so that was pretty cool.  At least that means I can eat some snacks without sugar in them.  (plain figs! yay! plain raisins! yay! plain cashews! yay!... yeah, it's the simple things sometimes.)
But something interesting did happen.  I got an email from this person in Holland saying that she met this amazing person and we should meet if I was going to be in Southern India.  I figured there was no chance, but I emailed the guy and it turns out he lives just outside of Pondicherry.  So, we just met and had tea.  His name is Ranvir and is a spiritual healer that works at this really posh spa/resort outside of town.  His energy was beautiful and really uplifting - we had a great talk and an instant connection.  It totally made my day.  If I get stuck here for longer, I will connect again and maybe go out there for the day or something - I can't afford the place for a night, it is seriously expensive (not like my 150Rs/night place...).
blessings to you all.
Wish me luck securing this blasted train ticket tomorrow morning!  I have to go to the agent at 8am to try to get a 'tatkal' ticket - last minute rush!


  1. Thanks - the Varavansi site is excellent - Most important, it gave me the other names for Varanasi, such as Benaras, which I did find on my old map.
    Dear Rob -
    I'm wondering if your next stop is Varanasi. That's going to be long trip, through some interesting areas. Send pics, also of the train itself. I hope you manage some good food along the way ...
    An excellent site to determine distances between cities:
    then choose: Distances between cities
    very efficient, this site.
    The distance between Pondicherry and Varanasi is 1978 km.
    Varanasi/Benaras is located north-west of Kolkata/Calcutta, almost directly on the 25th parallel (I think that's what its called!).
    Varanasi will be fascinating -
    Wishing you a safe and healthy-eating trip !
    Much Love,


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