Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"If there is a paradise on earth, then this is it, this is it, this is it."

So, after a 9 hour train from Delhi to Jammu, and then an 8 hour shared jeep ride through some of the most beautiful mountain scenery imaginable, I have finally arrived in my final destination:  Srinagar, that capitol city of Kashmir, thus fulfilling a major long-term dream of mine.

The Sumo and the other guys traveling with me at a rest stop

just outside of the big tunnel, by security check point
It is still surreal, but that is mostly because I am overtired.   But so far, all that they have said about the beauty of this place seems about right - it is amazing.
I have yet to venture out by myself, but before getting served a glorious Kashmiri dinner, my gracious host here at Blooming Dale guesthouse, Firdous, drove me and 2 other guests down the road beside Dal Lake to see the budding tulip garden, the 'Royal Springs' and the sunset from way up on Pari Mahal.  And what a sunset it was!

Bulbul bird
I am utterly exhausted but I myself am amazed that I have really, actually made it here.
My love to every one at home!

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  1. SunhanAllah, the view is indeed breathtaking. Series of mountain, with some have snow on top of..seems like swiss. have u watched an indian film, titled 3 idiots? i think they might used the same route to ladakh.

    nways,how much do u spend $ for the 8 hour shared jeep ride to srinagar frm jammu? is the jeep ready to pick you up when you arrived jammu by train?