Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cricket update

So, India beat Pakistan in the semi-final last night.  In the end, all the hype about hooligans was just hype.  The streets were quiet and businesses were mostly open during the day too.  There was a curfew in effect for certain zones, and according to newspaper it was "unlawful to gather in groups of more than four" in the street during the day.  But I can tell you that there were at least 10 men standing outside the grocery store that has a big TV you can see from the sidewalk (what they call 'footpath', I foolishly found out one day.) I went out for dinner as usual around 8pm, and the streets were deserted.  You could hear the game coming from homes, people cheering, and there was the occasional firecracker going off, but otherwise not a big deal. Perhaps it was different in other parts of town - I'll check the newspaper. 
So, that is that. 
One good thing is that while I sat with Firdous watching some of the game I asked a hundred questions and now I finally understand how to play cricket.  Wait, that is a good thing, right?  Well, it will help my conversations today if nothing else. 
Today I will go work at the Lifeline clinic and possibly go to Christine and Manzoor's place in the country for the night. 
In more important news - it is sunny!

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  1. I've just consumed your entire blog in one sitting. I am now sated.

    The anxiety created by reading this tale of your journey has also caused me to take 2 (two) Lorazepam (tm).

    I am now calm-I will consume a portion of Cap'n Crunch and retire to my chamber for the evening.