Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rob is going to India!

Yes, it is finally happening.  And, to answer your first question, no, it is not a one-way ticket.  Stay tuned for updates starting the day I leave, and have fun counting down with me!  Please check the other pages for more information.   Love and Light to you all. 

If you want to get a feel for my preparations, download and listen to my 'Prepare-for-India" song:  Quiet


  1. Hey Rob! On the edge of my seat. So stoked for you. Itinerary looks great. Wish I could drink a magic shrinking potion and hide in your backpack. Keep safe and when you hit Kashmir don't go ascending into the great beyond or anything. We want you to come back.
    Love Ben, Shiho, Kayna and Jagger.

  2. Darn, I really though it'd be you singing in your prepare-for-india song!

  3. We're all very happy for you, Rob--and we'll look forward to checking in to see how things are going while you're away.
    The Love Family Five

  4. A monkey can carry rabies or other yet undiscovered maladies.

  5. Everyone in Montreal want to wish you a joyful journey.

  6. D: Write: "What happens when you give too much water to the world's largest marsupial? 'Roo pee".

    J: I'm not writing that.

  7. Sweetie - WoW! May this be everything you wish for ... We wish you a deeply satisfying journey, and take pics! Hugs and Much Love, Mom & Bruce

  8. Heya Rob! Looks and sounds like you are settling in there in London. Wonderful! I am with you here, my friend. You have my shoulder to lean on and two perfectly good ears that are anxious to hear and sense what you are shining a light on. Enjoying it already...big hugs.